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Week 2 Results

Gary - GB QB Aaron Rodgers - 28.64pts
Sparky - Hou RB Arian Foster - 23.00 pts
Listener (John Paul) - Den QB Peyton Manning - 21.58 pts
LeRoy - Pit RB Leveon Bell - 15.7 pts

Ramie - Chi RB Matt Forte - 8.60 pts

Season Standings
Sparky - 18
Listeners - 12

Gary - 12
Ramie - 10
LeRoy - 8
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Wickett's World - Top 3/Bottom 3 - week 2

Each Wednesday, Chuck & I do a segment at 9am called "Top 3/Bottom 3" where we rank the 3 BEST NFL teams and the 3 WORST NFL teams. We also rank the Green Bay Packers 1-32...

Here are the rankings AFTER week 1:

Top 3:

1 Seattle
2 Atlanta
3 Denver

1 Seattle
2 Denver
3 San Francisco

Bottom 3:

30 New York Giants
31 Washington
32 St. Louis

30 Oakland
31 St. Louis
32 NYG

Packers rank:

Wickett 12th
Chuck 9th

We'll update our picks ever week for ya!


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Wickett's World - Janay blames everyone but her husband..and what's next for Ray

Why does Janay Rice blame everyone but her husband..and what's next for Ray?

I have 2 theories on Janay Rice, concerning the Instagram message she sent out on the morning on September 9th, criticizing fans, the NFL and the media (of course) for her husband, Baltimore Raven Running Back Ray Rice's suspension. I'm no doctor, but here's what I see.

Theory #1 – Janay didn't write this. My guess? Ray himself wrote it or one of Ray's "people" wrote it, trying to make it look like she's not mad at the situation. It makes no sense why she would write it. She claims we've all ruined everything for them. Did WE punch you in the face? Perhaps she was forced to post this. Why? She posted it out of fear. Fear that her millionaire husband would leave her if she didn't try to help clean up his image. Or maybe fear of what he'd do if she DIDN'T post it.

Theory #2 – Janay has seen domestic violence too many times before. I really hope that Ms Rice doesn't view what her husband did as acceptable behavior. "We're in love" and "He didn't really mean it" stuff is CLASSIC battered woman material. I fear that she has grown up with domestic abuse in her family and views that as "normal". I also fear that Ray sees hitting a woman as normal. It's not.

If you haven't seen the video by now, here's the FULL VERSION

There is NO acceptable reason to EVERY strike a woman. If conflict arises, WALK AWAY. Don't tell me she was charging at him. He takes hits from Patrick Willis, Clay Matthews and other NFL stars. He's a professional athlete in tip top physical condition. There's no way that woman was going to strike him in a way that he was going to be seriously hurt. His left cross would've made Joe Frazier proud. Get out of the elevator and WALK AWAY.

What's next for Ray Rice? Not much. Yeah, he'll serve his suspension. Yeah, an NFL team will give him a shot in 2015. But what will a 28 year old running back who's productivity has declined in recent years do? Not much. The NFL chews up running backs & spits them out. His productive years are gone. And so is his NFL career.
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2014 WK 1 Results

Sparky - Chi RB Matt Forte - 24.90 pts
Ramie - Den QB - Peyton Manning - 22.46 pts
Listener (Terry, Sussex) - GB WR Randall Cobb - 17.80 pts
LeRoy - Phi RB - Phi RB LeSean McCoy - 17.50 pts
Gary - GB QB Aaron Rodgers - 10.56 pts

Season Standings
Sparky - 10
Ramie - 8
Listeners - 6

LeRoy - 4
Gary - 2

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Who's Going to Step up on Brewers?

The Brewers are playing handball with a curb these days.. Its been a horrible stretch and now we are relegated to actually glancing at the Wild Card Standings and monitoring how the Braves are doing. I've conceded the NL Central race to St Louis.. Horrible that after one week the Brewers went from first place and legit contenders in the NL to being written off.

Maybe this team really wasn't that good to begin with. I still think, if they can get into the postseason, that they can beat any one of those teams in the National League. Even St Louis..

Who's going to put the team's on their back? The pitching staff has been bad during this recent stretch excpet for Mike Fiers but the staff has carried the load all season and the offense needs to pick up the pitching right now.. It has to turn around tonight and the Brewers desperately need to get on a roll of more than one game before this turns out to be one of the biggest disapppointments in team history.
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Firing Roenicke not the Answer

I wrote a week ago that I was worried about the upcoming West Coast road trip for the Milwaukee Brewers. I have seen it before, where teams will ruin a season late in the year with a road trip out West. Six straight losses later, the Brewers find themselves looking up to St Louis in the NL Central and the "Firing Roenicke" squad is out. To make this quick, firing Roenicke isnt even on the Brewers radar and to blame him for the recent slide is absurd. The firing of Ned Yost in Sept 2008, unfortunately, set a horrible precedent.Relieving Roenicke at this point would be a knee jerk reaction and it isn't happening.
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Wickett's World - The LSU game means A LOT for Bucky.

This game means a LOT.

Not breaking news, but the Wiscosin opener in Houston vs LSU is a MASSIVE game for about two dozen reasons. But I'll give you my top 3 (in no particular order)

A - Carry the Big Ten Flag. Let's be honest: The Big Ten has been a JOKE the last few years. There have only been a handful of "big" wins for the B10 over the 5 seasons and beating one of the top teams in the top conference would go a LONG way to restoring SOME pride for Big Ten fans. The same could be said for next week's Michigan State/Oregon game in Eugene, OR.

Fun Fact #1 - The Badgers are 1-6 in their last 7 bowl games.

B - National Exposure. Sure, the fans in this state all know how well Wisconsin has played recently. Their record over the last 8 years is very good. Bret Bielema was 68-24 in 7 years with 3 trips to the Rose Bowl (coached in 2) and Gary Andersen was 9-4 in his 1st year as head coach. However, the Badgers aren't looked at as an ELITE team in college football. Beating a team that IS looked at as ELITE, would go a long way. Plus, it doesn't hurt to beat a team a few hour from Houston, IN HOUSTON.

Fun Fact #2 - Houston has more LSU alumni than any city outside of Louisiana. 

C - This could jump start 2014. Look at the Badgers schedule. It's bad. No, it's REALLY bad. This game was put on the schedule to hopefully get Wisconsin into the final four IF they can run the table. After LSU, they play NOBODY until the final 3 weeks of the season (Nebraska, Iowa & Minnesota). Bucky NEEDS this win to be in the national championship hunt. Lose? Well, you can kiss the "final four" goodbye.

Fun Fact #3- The Badgers don't play Michigan, ohio state or Michigan state. I don't know the last time that happend. I tried to look it up.

Have another reason why this game is so big for Wisconin? Tell me below!!


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Brewer Face Daunting Western Trip

There have been contending teams that have gone out West in the season's final weeks and have come back buried.. Its where pennant hopes sometimes die. I remember one of my first year's covering the Brewers, in 1983, they left in late August, a half game out of first place,lost nearly every game on the trip. They were an afterthought when they returned to Milwaukee..

The Brewers start a nine game road trip tonight in San Diego. They cannot afford any 2 and 7 trip by the time they return home on September 4. They seem like a resilient team and have been able to fend off any challengers. They have survived injuries and a mid season seven game losing skid to find themselves still in control of the division. In some ways, they have been surprising that they haven't relinguished the lead yet.. Im hoping it stays that way thru these next nine games..
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Wickett's World - THANK YOU!!

thank you! On behalf of the entire SportsRadio 1250 team, THANK YOU!! The 8th annual Perkins 1250 golf outing was amazing! I have so many people to thank. 

Thank you to the Edgewood golf course staff, specifically John Freeman. Your course is always up to par (pun intended) and once again, in great shape. THANK YOU.

Thank you to our sponsors. Our presenting sponsor, Perkins - you've been with us a long time and i can't tell you how much we appreciate your support. To all of our other sponsors (there are too many for me to remember and i don't want to leave anyone out) - THANK YOU. 

The 1250 team...and i don't just mean the guys you hear on the radio. MANY people behind the scenes make this event what it is. Our Program Director, Tom Parker is our head coach. Without him, we'd never get off the ground each year. . Deidre leads the promotions team and her staff and army of interns handle EVERYTHING, not only leading up to the event, but on the day of. Will & Zach are there at 4:30AM setting things up and they're there all day to make sure our shows stay on the air THEN they tear everything down. Our Sales team lead by GM Chuck Sullivan is directly responsible for coordinating all of our sponsors. And a huge shout out to the guys i share the mic's with. THANK YOU.

To our celebrities: Anybody could throw together a golf outing and ask people to come out and play. YOU make it special to play in the golf outing. Whether your're a member of the media, a former athlete, a coach, etc, YOU provide something to the 1250 listeners that no other outing can provide. THANK YOU.

Most importantly, to our guests. The golfers. The 1250 listeners. "Give Kids The World" is an amazing charity. Your generosity helps fund trips to Orlando for terminally ill children. I know it's a great day of golf and something we hope you'll always remember, more importantly, you're helping kids. This outing has grown each of the last 8 years and for spending your hard earned money on such a great cause, on behalf of GKTW, THANK YOU.

Selfishly, i want to recognize Dan "I've got this" Richards, Mr Yellow Ball (Scooter), Curt "I don't want to get out of the cart" Richards and the Birthday girl, Robin Richards. Dan, Curt & I have played together in this outing for several years and together we've formed a great relationship between SportsRadio 1250 and Tri City Hyundai. We didn't shoot well enough to win, but our 64 did tie that other team from Tri City, even though KISS FM's Leigh McNabb tried to bring them down.

I know that I'm forgetting someone or something but i'm exhausted right now. To everyone involved - Edgewood, Sponsors, my co-workers, celebs and YOU the golfers...on behalf of the 1250 team THANK YOU!!!! 

I hope the 2015 Golf Outing gets even bigger.



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No Letdown in Brewers Rotation

If the Brewers are going to go on and win the NL Central,they might be able to look back at the quality starts they received from Jimmy Nelson and Mike Fiers. Neither was counted on this year but the Marco Estrada switch to Nelson and Fiers for the injured Matt Garza have proven to be huge for the team. Both Fiers and Nelson were putting up big numbers at Triple A and thus far,they have been a boost to an already solid starting rotation.

We will see Fiers again tonight against Toronto at Miller Park. Im not hanging my hat on the Fiers train just yet and don't expect him to pitch at the extreme level that he is at,but his two outings thus far,could be two wins the Brewers could look back on, if they win the division. Just hoping Fiers is able to keep holding the fort down if and when Garza returns.
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